Welcome to Beque Holic, a premium Korean BBQ Grill restaurant.

If you’re wondering what the meaning of our restaurant is, it means ‘You are addicted to barbecue!’ 

We are one of the finest and most authentic Korean BBQ restaurant, where customers can enjoy superior Korean food, culture, and ambiance with their friends and families. Beque Holic provides different types of AYCE (All you can eat) options as well as combo specials that serve a variety of special meats and seafood.

Here at Beque Holic, we offer 30 years of kitchen head chef experiences and 20 years of grocery market experience that include the highest quality of meat with variety of free appetizers, which guarantees to fulfill the customers’ taste. Not only that, but we are the first-ever and only restaurant in Florida that uses downdraft system, an eco-system that has no smoke and no bad smell. Moreover, Beque Holic can accommodate more than 200 people. So do not hesitate to come in with big parties for your special events or simply to enjoy Korean BBQ!

We promise that our customers have the best service and the most unique experience here at Beque Holic. Our staff is more than happy to accommodate you and to answer any of your questions. We hope to see you at the grill soon!



Excellent food at a reasonable price. There was a great selection of all you can eat meats and the side accompaniments were delicious. Wonderful and attentive servers and staff. The manager came by multiple times to ask how things were going. Yes, you cook your own meats but it’s fun and social! Great location for a date night and for those wanting to put down their cell phones and actually have a real conversations.
Atmosphere was appropriately intimate with a trend towards adults and a night on the town. Great place to start your evening before heading across the street for an evening movie. No need for popcorn with as much as you can get! We will definitely be back.

Howard A.

Everything from the service to the food was top notch. This was my first time ever going to a Korean Barbecue Restaurant and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The restaurant itself is in excellent condition. The owner and staff really took the time to make the interior extremely clean, modern, and comfortable. Everyone from the host to our waiter was extremely friendly and made it a really fun experience. The food itself was some of the best I have ever eaten at ANY kind of restaurant. The quality of the meat and sides served there are extremely high. I left leaving in a food coma because of how much food they gave us. One of the best parts was how fun it was to cook your own food on the grill on the table. Its safe to say I found my new favorite restaurant in Gainesville. I highly recommend this place to anyone even slightly interested in Korean style barbecue. In all of Gainesville, there are very few places that can match this place in terms of value and quality.

Julian R